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Drupal is one of the leading content management systems in this web world. User-friendliness and expandability are the key aspects of Drupal, which allows an individual to obtain a dynamic website through PSD to Drupal conversion. Also, it offers visually appealing and robust website. Being an open source system powered by PHP, it is ideally suited for small start-ups to corporate and big businesses. There are certain basic procedures that must be followed while converting PSD to Drupal to reap maximum benefits. The framework should be strong enough to manage the website effectively using the web based interface.

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We have discussed below a few interesting tips that should be kept in mind while transforming PSD to Drupal:

  • Significance Of Precised Slicing

Amateur developers usually overlook this step. However, it is important to slice the PSD file precisely and then breaking it into logical sections of the site. Put every slice into the separate layer and export them individually as an image. These layers act like building blocks of PSD to Drupal template.

  • Semantic Code For Successful Website

The quality of code ultimately decides the success of your website. Therefore, it is good to clean coding techniques in your PSD to Drupal conversions. Use of semantic code not only makes your website user-friendly, but also generate more traffic to your website by being search engine compatible. Always use the hand codes in your website as the auto generated codes have a lot of errors, which reduces your SEO score and even makes the website unnecessarily heavy.

  • Relevance Of Validating With W3C Standards

It is important to validate the coded PSD file with the W3C standards as this validation helps you rectify the errors in your coding. Morever, it ensures that your website renders uniformly across all the major web browsers, which is essential to target large audience.

  • Perfect Integration For Fully Functional Site

This is the final step that involves integrating the converted files into the Drupal CMS. It is necessary to integrate with perfection, using the latest methodologies as it decides both functionality of website and the user control in the admin.

  • Why To Get Professional Assistance

It is a wise decision to get technical assistance by outsourcing a reputed firm for your PSD to Drupal conversion. Cross-browser compatibility, PSD to Drupal theme integration, W3C validation are the things that require a lot of expertise for their execution. Hence, this necessitates the need for proficient developers for small to complicated projects.

Thus, these essential tips will definitely help you in converting Photoshop design into Drupal efficiently as well as cost-effectively.